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Tiwuk Rayie

DOB: January 30th 1990

She started to sing since the age of 5. She developed her singing career from early age from a trio, vocal group and also Choir. On 2010 she and some friends made a band named Slodyoz and had gigs as homeband at resto and café also jazz events, now she's a solo singer her music range around Soul, RnB, Latin, and Jazz. She has performed in several big music events like Jakjazz Cares, Java Jazz On The Move, Jakblues Festival, and International Java Jazz Festival.


  • Runner Up of KAWAI Vocal Group Festival DKI Jakarta (2001)
  • Runner up of Pesta Bintang SCTV (2001)
  • Finalist Bintang POP Universitas Indonesia (2009)
  • Performer at JakJazz Cares 2010
  • Javajazz On The Move 2010 at Margo City 2011
  • Regular Homeband Sunday Evening Jazz at MU Café Indonesia (2 months) 2011
  • Performer at @nextlevelindo 2012
  • JavaJazz On The Move 2012 at Rolling Stone INA
  • Performing at International Java Jazz Festival With Margo Rising Star "Tribute to Rollingstone" at Javajazz stage
  • Perform at RTC UI FM 14th Livecoustic 2012
  • Opening Singer Malam Final Pemilihan Abang None Jakarta Pusat 2012 at The Hall Senayan City
  • Wedding Band (2010-Present)
  • Perform with Last Child band, Abang None Jakarta, and Max5 boyband at Mega Konser HUT Jakarta by RCTI at Ecopark Ancol (2012)
  • Regular Saturday Jazz at Starbucks Tis SQUARE 2012 (4 Months)
  • Regular at Kuningan City 2012
  • Surya Promild Roadshow "Jazzcoustic Rise and Shine" 2012
  • Perform at HUT Seskoal 2012 at Pantai Karnival Ancol
  • Regular at Penang Bistro Kebon Sirih 2012
  • Valentine's Day with Romantic Music from Slodyoz at Young Society Grill and Resto (Feb 2013)
  • International Java Jazz Festival 2013 at Bluebird Stage (March 2013)
  • Regular with Tiwuk Rayie and Friends at Starbucks Bintaro Plaza (April 2013)
  • Perform at Event "Pertamina Bright Gas" Launching (April 2013)
  • Perform with Slodyoz at Jakarta Fair 2013
  • Regular with Tiwuk Rayie and Friends at Kuningan City
  • Regular with Tiwuk Rayie and Friends at Kampung Jajan Sky Dining Plaza Semanggi
  • Perform with Slodyoz at Indonesian Jass Festival 2013
  • Perform with Fatima Project at JakBlues Festival 2013
  • Perform at Javajazz Festival 2014 Delta Female Stage
  • Perform at Javajazz Festival 2014 with Slodyoz at Bluebird stg

Contact: Beben Jazz Management, Hp.085691736166.

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