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Vodka is a band formed since 2003 consisting of session musicians who plays various music genres in various events. The musicians channel their passion to play jazz through this band where they perform and improvise on standard jazz and funk/fusion compositions by various mainstream/popular jazz composers and on self-composed repertoires.

Despite the recent birth of the band, the musicians itself have been session players exposed to many kinds of music styles from popular to avant-garde experimental music.

Vodka performs on a certain agreed song form with communicative arrangements (easy-to-listen melodies) and improvises on top of the song form focusing on the mood happening on stage to keep the music live and alive for both the audience and the musicians.


Roberto J. Hartono
Piano/Electric Piano/Synthesizers

Roberto has been a session musician in Jakarta for 5 years. He has performed on stage with various musicians (Zarro, Tamam Hoesein, Reza Artamevia, Dewi Gita, Edo Kondologit, Delon Idol, Icha AFI, etc) from various styles and has composed and arranged music for various formats (gospel choirs, jazz combos, pop/rock bands). He began his music studies in 1997 and is currently working as a music teacher at Yamaha, composer, arranger, session musician, and recording artist with a major label contract.

Electric Guitar

Rosen learned from many teachers, and between those great teachers is one of Indonesia's very own jazz guitar legend, Oele Patisselano. After finishing his studies with Mr Patisselano, Rosen developed his own music style listening from Lee Ritenour to Yngwie Malmstein, and played various genre of music from funk to latin to gospel to the traditional swing jazz. Rosen is currently teaching at Farabi Music School and performing as additional musician for Jazzyphonic&Friends and in various gospel bands in Jakarta.

Joshua Arifin
Acoustic Double Bass

Joshua is currently a student of Institut Musik Daya Indonesia (Mrs Tjut Njak Deviana Daudsjah) under the tutorship of Doni Sundjoyo. He has performed on stage and jammed with various artists such as Carolina (Dewi-Dewi), Beben SM (Beben Quartet, Founder of Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran), and other big names in Jakarta jazz scenes such as Mrs Deviana Daudsjah, Ali Akbar (The Groove, session artist, composer, arranger), Merry Kasiman (Anda and The Gang).

Yusuf Shandy Satya
Acoustic Drums

Shandy learned his major instrument since the age of 12, and has performed with artists from various music styles such as hip hop (Neo), pop (Ruth Sahanaya, Alvin AFI), Brazillian music (Zarro), traditional jazz (Idam Noorsaid), and gospel (GBI Basilea Youth Gospel Unit, UX Band, Magnificanto Singers and Daya Gospel Combo). He is currently pursuing his musical studies at Institut Musik Daya Indonesia under Sri Aksan Sjuman while still continuing his musical career as a professional performer in wedding events, jazz sessions, and pop gigs, and as teaching staff in Kawai Music School.


  • April, 2006 participant of Farabi Music Day, Graha Bakti Budaya, 3rd winner
  • May, 2006 home band of Dinner With Delon "Indonesian Idol" at Nelayan Restaurant, Ancol.
  • June, 2006 home band of Ancol Reggae Week.
  • June, 2006 participant of Jazz For Jogja at Graha Bakti Budaya, TIM.
  • July, 2006 home band of "Pentas Seni Anak Indonesia" at Graha Bakti Budaya, TIM.
  • August, 2006 performer in Disney Lantern Fantasy at Gelora Bung Karno.
  • August, 2006 home band of Independence Day at Menteng.
  • September, 2006 opening act for Luluk Purwanto & Helsdingen Trio Live in Concert at Jayabaya University and Plaza Senayan.
  • November, 2006 participant of Pre-Jak Jazz Festival at Pondok Indah Mall.
  • November, 2006 participant of Jak Jazz Festival at Istora Senayan.
  • December, 2006 home band of Wedding Exhibition at JCC.
  • During 2006 home band at Mario's Place Bar & Resto.
  • May, 2007 participant of Kemayoran Jazz Community 3rd Anniversary, Balai Kartini.
  • June, 2007 home band on Pelita Kasih Prom Night at Black Cat, Arcadia Senayan.
  • June, 2007 performer of PRJ-Jakarta Fair.
  • September, 2007 participant of Musikita Records Compilation
  • November, 2007 participant of Slow Jazz Festival at Benton Junction, Karawaci

Contact: Beben Jazz Management, Hp.085691736166.

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